Saving Costs

Few technologies have delivered impact to the IT industry as large as the cloud, which delivers computing as a service or utility. Part of the cloud’s unique appeal to the IT industry is its financial advantage; cloud computing is able to help businesses to shed its expensive IT infrastructure costs and move on to a more manageable operational costs.


With traditional IT systems, constant updates and hardware renewals are required, and these upgrades can become very costly and time consuming. With cloud, IT becomes a subscription-based service that requires no IT upkeep and minimum capital investment. From a recent survey of 1,300 businesses in the U.S. and the U.K., 88 percent of cloud users pointed to cost savings and 56 percent of respondents agreed that cloud services have helped them boost profits. Additionally, 60 percent of respondents said cloud computing has reduced the need for their IT team to maintain infrastructure, giving them more time to focus on strategy and innovation.


EXOCLOUD dedicates its services to the needs of SMBs in Canada and tailors an unique solution to its clients. We are here to help businesses to shed unnecessary IT expenses and increase productivity and profit.


EXOCLOUD is easy to use with no learning curves, best of all, it takes minutes to set up. We offer services for both Mac and PC. We can also customize a package tailored to the needs of your company. If you are still unsure about using EXOCLOUD, you can try it free for 45 days. For more information, you can also visit our YouTube Channel where you can find tutorials on how to use EXOCLOUD and some of our great features.

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