The Next Computing Revolution Is Here

The Next Computing Revolution Is Here

The dream of carrying your computer in your back pocket is finally coming true. By utilizing EXOCLOUD and the Intel Compute Stick, whether you are at home, in the office, or at a friend’s house, you will have the power to work anywhere as long as there is Internet and a HDMI display

You may now transform your TV or monitor into a fully functional computer without any hassle. Your computer is ready as long as there is a wireless keyboard and a mouse.

Our rapid technological innovation has changed the way we use computers. As long as you have your device, whether it is your smart phone, laptop, or tablet, you can carry your office around the world in your pocket. Thanks to cloud computing, we no longer require heavy computer machines to access our work data or applications. Now, we are witnessing another early stage of the next big computing revolution.

With the Intel Compute Stick, you can store your files locally for quick access or use the built-in-wireless to access files from EXOCLOUD. It is a cost-effective solution with PC-like embedded applications. Small in size but big in performance, the Intel stick is portable and allow you to carry it anywhere around the world. It has the power of a quad- core Intel® Atom processor and your choice of operating systems: Windows 8.1* or Linux* Ubuntu.

Whether you are currently running a business, deciding to start up a new company, or practicing BYOD, you may save on capital investment, IT maintenance, software upgrades and computer towers. By utilizing EXOCLOUD, you can host VPS or computers on the cloud and use Intel Compute Stick to access everything you need.

The Intel Compute Stick can be yours for free if you sign up with EXOCLOUD. Your business will experience many benefits, allowing you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to provide you the flexibility, convenience and cost effective solution of business operation, expansion, as well as to connect your business with anyone, anytime, and anywhere in the world.


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