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Virtual Desktops

EXOCLOUD Virtual Desktop is an individual user’s interface in a virtualized environment. Virtual machines operate based on the computer architecture and functions of a real computer, and their implementations may involve specialized hardware, and Window XP/7/8/8.1 as operating system.


A virtual desktop means that a user’s desktop environment, such as icons, wallpaper, windows, folders, toolbars, etc. is located remotely on a server, rather than on a local PC or other client computing device.


Virtual desktops can be customized for team members for specific job levels or functions, while reducing costs of traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Virtual desktop relieves the management burden that came along with traditional VDI. Businesses no longer have to manage physical servers and related software as well as storage and networking. Virtual desktops eliminate the need to install, update and patch applications, back up files, and scan for viruses on individual client devices.


The use of the virtual desktop keeps business files and applications secure in 3 simple ways.

1. The network can be controlled on one whole system. This means that as a business owner, you can monitor your files at all times.

2. Your virtual desktop is exclusively made for your usage.

3. Your company data is backed-up frequently as changes are made. In backing up the files, your company may keep up to date information safe and secure in one centralized location.


With EXOCLOUD’s virtual desktop, we make your employee’s more portable at work. The virtual desktop allows staff to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), then saving your company 50-60% in costs. Saving significant I.T costs is done through the features provided, which can be accessed on any employee’s computer or device while in or out of the office. Your employees may then work anywhere, at anytime, and stay connected to the company system.


  1. Cost saving because resources can be shared and allocated as needed
  2. More efficient use of resources and energy
  3. Improve data integrity
  4. Fewer compatible issues

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