Online Backup and Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, imagine being at risk of losing all your data, files and hard work. Prevention is the key, computer disaster can happen to anyone at anytime. Many companies are already embracing cloud backup, as there are many technical, economic and security benefits.


EXOCLOUD Online Backup & Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) allows you to back up your files and data from local to our cloud. It is a disaster recovery service that captures snapshot of a server, operation system, data, applications and configurations and back up the images to EXOCLOUD using advanced backup software agent and server, massive cloud storage and recovery ability to secure your critical data in multiple locations and recovery options.


Everyday disasters are more common than one would think, such as lost or stolen laptops or smartphones. With our online backup and disaster recovery, you can remotely wipe corporate data off of a lost device. Terminating an employee? Our remote wipe actions can be taken on a whole user account and across devices that were previously synced, eliminating corporate data from remote computers smartphones or tablets.


EXOCLOUD backup and disaster recovery protect businesses from the costs of downtime, avoid lost revenue, waste labor, and lawsuits. Our backup and disaster recovery minimize the costs associated with server outages caused by security breaches, human error or hard drive failures, as well as natural disasters, such as fire, earthquakes, or floods.


  1. Improved data protection in a more secure environment with maximum network performance
  2. EXOCLOUD DRaaS allows organization to backup data from server’s application, cloud data, desktops, laptop and other devices
  3. Agility and Scalability to match your growth of data
  4. Lower carbon footprint with the help of EXOCLOUD DRaaS, organizations can rid of their data rooms and move onto the cloud to save energy bills

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