Microsoft Exchange Hosting

We wouldn’t want to run our business without secure and reliable email hosting, and neither should you.


Email is a primary means of business communication. Therefore, it is vital for any organization to choose the best in terms of features, scalability and usability.


EXOCLOUD Microsoft Exchange System Hosting is a shared Microsoft Exchange Server with calendaring software, a mail server and contact manager. The EXOCLOUD MS Exchange System allows users to organize individual activities such as email, appointment schedule, contact, task lists and notes, and to collaborate with other members in a team to share contacts, share calendar, share resources and schedule events.


No learning curve is needed with EXOCLOUD Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting. It is similar to other email hosting, except that it is tailored towards your business. The ability to collaborate with others, without needing to purchase another application makes it easier to use, and stay connected at all times. We provide you with peace of mind by providing security granted through email exchange.


  1. Increase productivity by allowing your team to collaborate more efficiently
  2. Work anywhere, anytime with our hosted email
  3. Stay connected by carrying your contacts, calendar, email and task lists on the road in any device
  4. Keep up to date with any changes made to your emails, contacts, calendar and files

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