Protecting Data

If your server crashes this morning, can you recover your data? What if there is a flood in your office tonight? Do you have any protection or backup? Have you planned your precautions on security breaches? There are countless ways for your businesses to lose data. Everyday, you and your employees are constantly gathering client information, creating marketing materials, or updating important documents. These are important data to every part of the business. Business owners tend to put focus on increasing sales and revenue, but neglect to protect this valuable aspect of their company.


43% of the companies that experienced a loss of data have not commenced business operations again and 29% closed their doors within two years. With EXOCLOUD backup and disaster recovery, you can avoid being part of this statistic. EXOCLOUD gives businesses the potential for a lower cost, more flexible and faster recovery solution. You can rest assure that your critical data is backed up in EXOCLOUD and have multiple recovery options in the event of data loss.


EXOCLOUD is easy to use with no learning curves, best of all, it takes minutes to set up. We offer services for both Mac and PC. We can also customize a package tailored to the needs of your company. If you are still unsure about using EXOCLOUD, you can try it free for 45 days. For more information, you can also visit our YouTube Channel where you can find tutorials on how to use EXOCLOUD and some of our great features.

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