Virtual Server

EXOCLOUD Virtual Server is a server (computer and various server programs) at someone else’s location that is shared by multiple users of the same workgroup or domain so that each user can use and administer it as though they had complete control of the server. It is available in Windows 2003/2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2 or Linux as operating system.


Virtual server allows companies to make one server act as five, ten or twenty virtual servers. SMBs can cut down cost and time spent on maintenance and buying fewer servers by reducing their existing machines and load everything onto one server. The main benefits of virtualization are resource allocation control, physical hardware redundancy and better testing environments. These create a more efficient use of existing resources. With a virtual server, you can add or reduce the resources such as CPU, Ram, and/or disk space from a virtual server that doesn’t need those resources and have them available for where you do need them.


Top Benefits of Virtual Server:

  1. Save energy, go green

Lower your monthly power and cooling costs in the data center by migrating your physical servers to virtual machines and consolidating them onto far fewer physical servers


  1. Increase uptime

Most server virtualization platforms now offer many advanced features that can’t be found on physical servers, which helps with business continuity and increased uptime. Virtual servers offer capabilities such as live migration, storage migration, fault tolerance, high availability, and distributed resource scheduling


  1. Saving cost

Stop paying for server space and start capitalizing on the financial benefits of using a virtual server for your applications and data. Business owners may be spending money on functionalities that they are not using with the use of physical servers or data centers, virtual server is an easy way to cut costs and improve the bottom line


  1. Simplicity

EXOCLOUD Virtual Server is the simplicity you need to remain organized and ahead of the curve. A cloud server is capable of keeping all of your data in one place. Your business data is easily accessible with no need for clunky and troublesome physical servers or the use of data centers

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