Are You Underserved?

VictorHi, my name is Victor Ng and I am the founder and CEO of EXOCLOUD.

EXOCLOUD is a company focusing on providing private and managed cloud solutions to SMBs (small to medium businesses).

Since 1997, I have been operating my first company, Amplus Innovations Inc. I have helped many SMBs on building and managing their IT systems. During the 23 years of my IT career, I observed that many SMB owners have challenges in adopting new technology for their business operations. There were several reasons contributing to this problem, including tight budget, lack of knowledge and long learning curve. So, I asked myself, “How can I help these companies?” I started to invite a few of our clients to use our cloud IT system. It became a huge success with the progression and development of these companies in just a few short months.

For me, it is important to see that small businesses have access to the same services and resources as other large companies in order to triumph. As we all know, small businesses are the ‘backbones’ of the Canadian economy. SMBs contribute approximately 54.2% of Canada’s overall GDP. In recent years, SMBs in Canada have dropped from 9th place to 14th place in global competitiveness, as our country’s lagging innovation puts us at a disadvantage to our international peers. Today, businesses are very competitive and only the best will come out on top. I firmly believe that cloud technology can help Canadian SMBs compete with other businesses around the world. We want to help small business owners as they continue to contribute to our nation’s economy, our communities and future generation. EXOCLOUD is here to help SMBs, let’s REACH NEW HEIGHTS together.

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