Cloud Computing In Europe

Cloud Computing In Europe

The era of cloud computing is here. Did you know that 50% of companies are now taking advantage of cloud computing and the growth is increasing more than 17% per year? Not only many large and small companies are switching to cloud technology, even government is promoting the use of cloud in organizations. In September 2012, the European Commission adopted a strategy for unleashing the potential of cloud computing across Europe. Cloud computing is the future in the global business landscape and the adoption of cloud computing is essential for improving productivity levels.

Currently, 82% of U.S enterprises are already using hybrid cloud strategy. It is expected that with the help of ECCS (The European Cloud Computing Strategy), European cloud adoption will rise sharply within the next couple of years. The ECCS is expected to create 3.8 million new jobs, and help the cumulative gross domestic product to reach 957 billion euros by the year 2020.

Europe is known for high standards of data protection, security and government access to information. Due to these characteristics, there are massive potential for further development of cloud computing in Europe, as businesses become more conscious of the need for affordable, flexible IT services, without having to compromise privacy.

As the world gets more competitive, organizations have to strive for innovations, differentiations, and adapt new technology to fit in the ever-changing nature of work and its environment. Where does Canada stand when it comes to cloud computing? What are your plans for cloud technology for your business? Feel free to comment with your opinion on cloud technology.

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