Desktop as a Service (DaaS): The BYOD Concept

Desktop as a Service (DaaS): The BYOD Concept

Over the past several years, BYOD (bring your own device) has become increasingly popular among SMBs. BYOD means that employees are bringing their personal computing devices to the office and using them for professional purposes. By utilizing DaaS (Desktop as a Service), your employees will be able to grant access from their laptops or work from any devices from anywhere.

With the rapidly developing technological world, computers can get outdated quickly. By switching to DaaS, all your back-end responsibilities of data storage, backup, security and upgrades will be managed for you by your service provider. This way, you will no longer need to worry about data transfer, inaccessible apps, or unsupported programs. There are many pros to DaaS, but we will only talk about three today.

1. It can be accessed anywhere.

 If you or your employees need to travel for a business trip, with the help of DaaS, you or your employees will be able to have access to the work desktop on any device; whether that is a laptop, smartphone or tablet. This is a faster and more efficient way to transfer files from one device to another.

2. Disaster Recovery and Automatic Backup.

“To be prepared is half the victory” –Miguel de Cervantes 

For any successful business, disaster recovery and automatic backup is very important because it prepares your business for the worst. By hosting your desktop on the cloud, it allows you to minimize downtime in case of disaster. If the computers in your office are broken down, users could easily switch to their own laptops or smartphones and continue working without having to wait for the IT team to fix it. This will ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

3. Computers are kept up to date and accessible with most software.

Computer companies are constantly revising and improving their software. This is most commonly seen on phones. Often, you will find that a notification will pop up saying there is a software update for your phone. What if your phone was too old or incompatible with the new software? The only solution would be to buy new hardware. But by using DaaS, your computer will be kept up to date to use the latest, fastest technology. This BYOD perk will let you and your employees enjoy using personal computers and at the same time, cut down your IT cost or maintenance fees.

As a business owner, whether or not you are practicing BYOD at the workplace, it is most likely already happening in your organization. Chances are your employees have already brought their own devices to work, getting work emails on their tablets, taking meeting notes or scheduling meetings on their smartphones. One of the biggest threats to company security and protecting company intellectual property is people using personal devices for work without you being aware of it. However, if you make BYOD official at your company and taking advantage of DaaS, you will be able to set policies and rules around what is, or isn’t acceptable. By practicing BYOD, productivity and efficiency will be improved drastically, while allowing your employees to be more mobile.


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