The myths of Cloud Computing

The myths of Cloud Computing

Recently, a client who wanted to move his business onto the cloud approached me. He told me that he wanted to upgrade for quite some time but had heard that cloud was expensive and unreliable. Many people have misconception when it comes to cloud computing, there are many myths surrounding cloud that it is getting harder to tell what is true and what isn’t.

     Myth #1: Cloud computing is not secure. This is definitely one of the biggest concerns of any company. We often hear many stories about the public cloud being hacked, as with its lack of security, that would not be surprising. But there is another side of cloud computing that is more common amongst businesses and that is private cloud. Unlink public cloud, it ensures full protection against hackers and has an enterprise grade security system. Security is not only about being hacked externally. Most of the time, an unmanaged local area is more vulnerable due to improper use of internal staff. With private cloud, business owners have more control of their data, yet grant employees the access to the appropriate data and application according to their job responsibilities, their locations and even their device use.  Additionally, the managed private cloud sometimes offers better security facilities to store the information and the infrastructure than the on-premises IT facilities if the cloud service providers use enterprise-graded equipment and software to build their cloud solutions.

     Myth #2: Cloud computing costs too much. When many companies are making the decision on whether they should move into the cloud, they will often stumble upon the financial benefits. Cloud allows you to fully utilize hardware, which means you won’t need to spend on what you don’t need. It also lowers the power costs as cloud computing uses less electricity. Often, idle serves waste energy so a cloud service provider can charge you less for energy used than you’re spending in your own data center. With cloud computing, you will not need to make capital investments which means you can spend on more productive parts of your company.

     Myth #3: One of the benefits to your employees is that cloud computing has a smaller learning curve. Since the computers on the cloud look exactly like your own computer, it is easy to access and use. There aren’t any programs that you need to download or learn how to use. Cloud makes it easy for you and your employees to adapt and work more efficiently. The cloud can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device. This will maximize the cloud’s compatibility and your workforce.

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