Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003

Is your company still running on Windows Server 2003? If so, you may or may not be aware that Microsoft has stopped issuing security updates for the server operating system (OS) as of July 14, 2015.

This means that any new hacks built or vulnerabilities discovered in Windows Server 2003 and those running the legacy server OS will be facing them on their own. It’s a major problem if your server systems hold data of any kind and could be accessed directly or indirectly from the Internet. Running an out-of-date OS on aged server hardware are risky for any company and organization, your business operation may be in jeopardy. Many people are not aware that Windows 2003 are unable to work on new hardware if their existing ones break down. This is an even bigger issue if your business relies on credit card payments, or works with partners or clients who have strict privacy or compliance rules. Computer systems running unsupported software are exposed to an elevated risk to cybersecurity dangers, such as malicious attacks or electronic data loss.

It’s expected that many companies and organizations running Server 2003 will turn to cloud computing as a solution. A separate survey by Spiceworks found that three-quarters of companies are planning to take some, if not all of their applications, into the virtual space. This is a great time and opportunity for businesses to migrate to the cloud and start adapting to the trend.

If your business is still running on Windows Servers 2003 and it is the only server that you have, what are your plans and backup for your operation and security?

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